Central to Twinbrook’s Project Management Services is Risk Management and Mitigation. We identify, assess, manage and mitigate the associated risks of each process to ensure the attainment of project objectives.  We approach our project management responsibilities by setting clear and attainable project objectives and managing the quadruple baseline constraints, which serve as project performance measurements (see below).

• Project scope

• Schedule and timelines

• Costing and cash flow management

• Quality control and assurance standards

We perform the full spectrum of project management services including:

• Managing selection process of consultants

• Managing Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contracts, (EPC Contracts) accounting for key provisions including Delivery Time Schedules, and Performance Guarantees

• Advice on Contract Management

• Managing testing, commissioning, and maintenance of proje

We offer our project management services in strict adherence to these measurements to avoid delays, cost overruns, and disputes without compromising asset functionality or quality.

Twinbrook provides the full range of cost management services. We offer expert services on cost, contract and procurement management. The objective of our Cost Management service is modeled on helping our clients derive maximum value from their projects. We take a holistic view of projects and cost structures and analyze their dynamics over the short-term and long-term. We pay particular emphasis to the following:

• A thorough debriefing of the client to understand the clients objectives and resource constraints

• Develop a preliminary cost estimate on preliminary sketch designs

• Develop flexible cost estimates that are amenable to change as alternative designs are developed

• Advise on optimal approaches to procurement for the project

• Identify key sources of risks to the costing of the project and manage these risks effectively.

Twinbrook works closely with clients to offer tailored Facility Management Services to meet their needs.

Our Facility Management services include Building Maintenance Management, Monitoring and Reporting of Facilities, Cleaning Services, Maintenance Services and Waste Management.

Twinbrook Property Management Services are modeled on the careful delivery of Due Diligence, Property Management, Property Maintenance, and Rental Service. 
Our approach to Property Management is to leverage our technical expertise in construction, project management and project execution, to proactively manage risks and sustain the realization of value from property to clients.
The range of Property Management Services we provide will include:

• Performing Physical Due Diligence involving a comprehensive analysis of all facets of the building structure, the conditions of the finishes, tenant areas and amenities. The analysis would identify the risk areas in the building structure and quantify the cost implications of each risk item.

• Building Services Due Diligence undertaken with the assistance of a mechanical or services engineer to cover the condition of air conditioning, electrical services, and hydraulics, security and fire services to uncover all “hidden costs.”

• Coordination of all appropriate repairs and maintenance incorporating due diligence findings

• Perform regular property inspections

Twinbrook Property Brokerage Services specializes in selling and renting properties in the Accra Metropolis.

Whether you are searching for residential, commercial or land, our Property Brokerage will help you find one. If you are a property owner in search of buyer or renter of your residential, commercial or land, our Property Brokerage will help you find one.

We have over 20 Property Sales Reps across the Accra Metropolis with valuable information about the property market ready to serve you.

Twinbrook Consult also has the technical capabilities and assets to offer construction services to meet client needs. These services include:

• Building and Civil Engineering Works

• Projects and Contracts Management

• Renovation, Maintenance and Painting works

• Quantity Surveying

• Architectural Designing and Planning

• External and Landscaping Engineering

• Swimming Pool Designing

We have offered construction services to clients delivering the highest level of technical skill and professionalism and attaining project execution terms.