About Us

Twinbrook Consult was founded in 2007 by skilled and talented professionals in the construction industry and operate in an entrepreneurial environment adapted to best practices in project management and construction. 
Our core values are:
1. Timeliness and efficiency of service delivery and project execution
2. Strong adherence to professional ethics and business practices and would not compromise any just for the realization of profit
3. Constant internal review of our work for quality assurance
4. Maintenance of team spirit to allow for full expression of our talents to promote creativity, innovation and knowledge sharing.


As an organization, our priority is client satisfaction. In this regard we have developed critical project adoption processes including:

1. Development of deep knowledge of our client and determination of their exact needs;
2. Development of deep knowledge of all contracting parties and their internal procedures and;
3. Development of organizational linkages amongst contracting parties needed for the early realization of project objective.


To deliver our project management services effectively, we have developed a comprehensive database of the various expertises in Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Structural Engineering, Services Engineering and Construction Services in Ghana. As a result, we are able to quickly assemble winsome and cohesive teams to execute projects within the stipulated time to the utmost satisfaction of our most demanding clients.  We continue to update and upgrade our database to make it responsive to our client needs.
We draw on our successful partnership experience with local and international construction services providers (quantity surveying, architectural and engineering firms) to jointly deploy assets and deliver expert services to our clients when necessary.
We are able to leverage our deep knowledge of the local construction industry onto projects we manage to ensure our client’s compliance with the relevant statutory requirements.